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Pictures of products are representational.  Since each product is personally and individually made, they may appear slightly different than originally photographed.

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Cookie Policy

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We aim to have your order delivered within 24-48 hours. Whisked Away Bakery will deliver according to the delivery and payment conditions which applied at the time the order was concluded.

Whisked Away Bakery reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time.

Whisked Away Bakery is not responsible for late deliveries due to abnormal situations (traffic, post strikes, auto breakdowns) or weather, if it is dispatched from our end on time. We regret these orders cannot be refunded.

Please verify before ordering if the delivery company (PostNL or DHL) will deliver to camp sites, dorms, buildings in colleges, schools or hospitals, or other large companies. The parcel might be left at the most central or obvious reception point.

Whisked Away Bakery will not be responsible for late deliveries due to an incomplete or incorrect delivery address.

NOTE: For some products (Brownies, Blondies, Banana Bars, Coconut Bars) as their box fits through the mail slot, there is no Monday delivery.  Please consider this when placing your order.  If you need a guaranteed date or 24 hr delivery, message us!  We’ll work on getting it to you on time.


By placing an order, you agree with these Terms and Conditions of Whisked Away Bakery.


All prices are in euros and inclusive of 9% VAT, unless otherwise specified.

All prices in the webshop are subject to changes, misprint or clerical mistakes.

If discount codes are used, Whisked Away Bakery reserves the right to cancel an order if a discount is incorrect or used improperly.


You’ll have to be fast! Products are made to order and once they’re made they’re not subject to cancellation or refund.

Disclaimer About Gluten-Free Products

While we practice HACCP guidelines in the kitchen and avoid cross-contamination, none of our products are ‘certified’ gluten-free. It is very difficult to get an entirely gluten-free recipe as some products may have been cross-contaminated at the source. Eg. While we buy flour from millers in-country, they may also mill their GF flour in the same general vicinity where they mill their regular flour. If a product needs to be strictly GF, please contact us minimum 3 days in advance and we’ll do the best we can and let you know if it’s an option!


We don’t get many, but when we do they are taken seriously. Please return the affected product while it’s still fresh within 2 days of delivery so we can review the issue (after that it might become difficult to assess).  If in agreement, we’ll gladly refund your return shipment costs and either refund your order costs or send out a new replacement at no cost to you.  Please email for mailing address.

Supplying businesses

If you would like the delicious goodies from Whisked Away Bakery to supply your restaurant, café or small business, please contact us! We hand deliver in the same town as the bakery and courier everything else. Most products can be prepared on short notice, have at least a 7-10 day shelf life and can also be frozen. We are very flexible and look forward to making arrangements with you!

Message Card

You have the option of sending a personalized hand-written note along with your order! Please let us know at time of order what you would like to say.


Products will be at their best if they are placed in an air-tight container upon receiving them. Unless specified, they are okay at room temperature. Since we don’t use preservatives, their suggested best-before date is 7 days from the day of dispatch.