Brownie Pot

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Now you can make our famous Triple Chocolate Brownies at home or give them as a gift! 
You need only the fresh ingredients (organic butter and eggs) to bake fresh, mouth-watering brownies on demand. Great for those Friday nights when you’re winding down, or maybe you have some company coming on short notice. These are an excellent choice for anything that call for a little extra ‘something’. 
No preservatives. 
Simple ingredients.
Made with love.
Looking for a unique and special gift for someone? What’s better than saying it with chocolate!  😉
You also have a nice jar to use after (think salads or smoothies on the go) that also include measurements in ml on the side. In Canada we often use these multi-purpose jars for canning or holding foods in the pantry. 
*Safe for Celiac and gluten-free diets
Yields 16 (4x4cm) pieces.