When possible, we choose local and/or organic wholesome ingredients with minimal processing while keeping product price reasonable.  Our chocolate is always Fair Trade.

For a complete list of ingredients of products you are curious about, please ask via email and we would be more than happy to give you any information.

If there is a product that you would like that still has an ingredient in it that might be a trigger, please let us know and we’ll do our best to tailor it custom-made to avoid said trigger at no expense to you.

Please note we do not use double-acting baking powder (commonly found in North America).  While it gives a beautiful rise and esthetics to baking, it contains aluminum and is a known toxin.  Staying to what’s pure, we hope you don’t mind a “less than perfect looking” product.

Nut allergies – Please note many of our products are without nuts but are processed in an area where nuts have come into contact. Please let us know when you order if this is a concern.

Celiac – Please let us know in the notes if you are Celiac and extra precautions will be taken.

Blondie with tea

A Bit About What We Use…

Spelt – With a different molecular makeup of gluten content than wheat, it’s more water soluble which makes it easier for the body to digest the proteins.  It also has higher fiber content and helps in the digestion of the gluten.  If you have an intolerance (vs. an allergy) to wheat, this might be a more suitable option.  Not suitable for those with Celiac.

Buckwheat  – Also obtained from local mills, whole ground buckwheat kernels can give a bit of a unique, earthy taste to products.  A completely gluten-free grain (great for Celiacs!), it is a good source of fiber, protein, B-vitamins and some minerals.  Studies say it slows down glucose absorption after a meal.

Chufa/tiger nut flour –It is not a nut but actually a tuber and classified under the vegetable family, so it’s safe for those with nut allergies.  Chufa has been around for millions of years and is ideal for those following a Paleo diet.  It’s nutrient dense, contains enzymes, is high in fibre and helps your body produce probiotics, easier for those with digestive issues to consume.

Sweeteners – We do our best using sugars and sweeteners that fall below 60 on the Glycemic Index.  When possible, natural sweeteners are used (maple syrup, agave, honey) and our go-to is often organic coconut sugar. If white sugar is in a recipe, we use organic castor sugar.

Coconut sugar – Depending how the coconut sugar is obtained (per company/source), this may be an unrefined sugar, making it ideal for those who are avoiding it.  Sitting much lower on the Glycemic Index than white sugar, it is gentler on the body and won’t cause your blood sugar levels (or energy) to spike like white sugar (which means no ‘sugar coma’ when eaten in moderation, of course).  It’s also more nutrient-dense!  
Note: We’re still researching our product/source and how it’s made

Anything animal-derived (eggs, butter, etc) is always organic.