About Us

We’re a cozy bakery located in the northern Netherlands who like to make better-for-you handmade treats in the foods you enjoy without the triggers that may upset your body.

Jody, our owner and Head Baker comes from Guelph in Ontario, Canada where she started the business journey.  Now in the Netherlands, she’s continuing the journey and likes to bring a bit of Canadian soul to our products.

In an attempt to address some chronic health issues, Jody changed her diet.  When eating gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free there were noticeable health benefits and retraction of some symptoms.   She also found when talking to the population with similar health stories there are a lot of people experiencing the same thing; with some it’s an intolerance or allergy to gluten, with others it’s dairy.  Others even found benefits eating vegan.  The common thread in speaking with the community was frustration and missing their guilty pleasures.  There had to be ways to have their favourite treat but without the ingredient that might upset them the most. 

Blondie with tea

She has experience in restaurant kitchens, working as a chef’s assistant, knowledge in Nutrition, HACCP training, plus several years of specialty-diet baking.  Using this as a medium to bring you your favourite treats (or help you discover new ones!), it’s our goal to provide this in a way that won’t add unnecessary stress on the body. 

Our famous gluten-free brownies are our signature item!  They’ve earned their reputation and reviews have been raving, so please try some.

We do, of course, have a small corner of the website featuring indulgences for those with no dietary restrictions.

New products will occasionally be added to the website, but if there’s something you’d like and don’t see – please ask!

The environment is important to us.  Whisked Away Bakery is powered by green power. 

We also avoid adding logos or other markings to our boxes to encourage you to re-use them, to reduce waste.